Q. Is it legal to hire an Antalya escort?

A. Yes, it is perfectly legal to hire an Antalya escort. We are an escort agency serving the Antalya area. Escort agencies are perfectly legal here. All we do is put men who desire the company of beautiful women in touch with women who are willing to spend time with them in exchange for a booking fee. All of these women are beautiful and desirable. They are also professional entertainers. That means that they can provide their clients with the best possible experience, regardless of the social venue for which the client wants feminine companionship. Every part of that process is legal, because it’s important to point out that what we don’t do is arrange for any kind of sexual contact. We are not a prostitution service. If you take your lovely young Antalya escort out on the town and something happens to develop between the two of you, then that is entirely between you and your new lady friend. The service that we provide is an administrative one. We coordinate the schedules of the young women who work with us with the schedule requirements of the men who book our service. Then we put you and our escorts together, making it possible for you to exchange a booking fee for your young lady’s time. Your escort will show up to the location to which you mutually agree, on time and eager to please. Then it’s just a matter of the two of you enjoying your time together.

Q. How Does Your Service Work?

A. Our service works in a very straightforward manner. First, we encourage you to look at the biography pages here at Ladies of Turkey. Once you’ve done that, you can see which of our young ladies most strikes your fancy. They are all very lovely, and we offer a full selection of beautiful Turkish women with some exotic visitors from other lands as well. Make your selection, and then contact us. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, that’s okay. We have access to an extended network of escorts who work in the area, to whom we can reach out in case you don’t find what you want listed on the website. And if the young lady who is your first choice is not available during the time you want to book her, that’s all right too. We’ll reach out to our network and find someone who you’ll like just as much. Once you have made your selection and we have confirmed that your Antalya escort is available, we’ll make arrangements for payment. You and your escort will agree mutually to a place to meet. This could be your home or hotel, or the venue for a social event (like a theater, restaurant, or night club). Once the two of you have made your connection, you just have to enjoy yourself for the duration of your booking. Your young lady will do her best to see to your satisfaction. When your booking is concluded, she will leave. Our service is as simple as that. Whatever develops between the two of you is entirely up to you both.

Q. I would like to have more than one escort at one time. Is this possible?

A. We receive this question often here at Ladies of Turkey, and the answer is always a resounding yes. Many men have always wanted to feel what it is like to step out on the town with more than one woman at the same time. You may book as many of our Antalya escorts, in fact, as your budget will support, provided we have them available. Imagine the looks you’ll get, stepping out on the town with not one, but two gorgeous women, or even more. And if you are preparing for party or business event and you want to have lots of lovely young ladies on hand to spice up the scenery at the party, that can be arranged too. Our lovely Antalya escorts would be more than happy to devote their time and attention to you. Can you handle this coming from not one, but two gorgeous women? Everyone who sees you will be terribly jealous, and this will make you look good. You will get to feel what it’s like to travel like some wealthy men do, the types of men who always seem to be surrounded by a harem of wonderfully sexy ladies. So yes, if you want to book more than one Antalya escort at the same time, we would be happy to have you do so. Just keep in mind that we are now coordinating the schedules of not just one, but two or more young women. That means if you have your heart set on a particular booking, it is wise to give us as much advance notice as possible. It still may not be the case that our young ladies can accommodate your schedule depending on whom you pick… but we will find you classy, sexy girls whom you will like just as much. We guarantee it.

Q. What is the typical duration for booking an Antalya escort?

A. The length of your booking depends on what you are planning on doing when you take your lovely young Antalya escort out on the town. What is it you want to book her time for? Are you interested in a quiet night in at your hotel or home, getting to know your escort in an intimate and familiar setting? The duration of that varies depending on how much time you want to spend. Do you want to take your Antalya escort out on the town for a more traditional outing, such as dinner, drinks, and dancing? That is typically a few hours. It could vary depending on whether you were seeing a show or doing some other type of tourist activity. Do you want to book your Antalya escort for a specific business function, or a formal event? Then the duration of your booking would depend on how long that event is likely to be. Your Antalya escort is a social chameleon who knows how to look good, and make you look good, in a variety of social settings. All you have to do is let us know what you would like to do, and we can help you estimate a time for the booking that is most appropriate. After all, we want you to have the best possible time, and we don’t want you to feel rushed. And our job depends on scheduling all our young ladies’ time requirements, so the more accurate an assessment we have of your booking, the better off everyone is. Longer bookings may also be available, depending on the girl, so if you would like company for a weekend, for example, that may be possible. We can discuss that and make arrangements for payment when you contact our office.

Q. If I’m enjoying my booking, can I make it longer without knowing ahead of time?

A. We certainly want you to enjoy yourself. If you are having such a good time on your date with your Antalya escort that you don’t want it to end when you originally scheduled, it may be possible to extend it. This will depend on your young lady’s willingness to extend it, her schedule and obligations for the rest of the day or night, and a few other logistical factors that have to do with her time and transportation. If you are thinking of extending your booking, let your escort know as soon as possible so that she can determine if it will be possible for her to make the booking longer. In many cases, she will be happy to do so. After all, our goal is to please you. We want you to be satisfied, and if you are having a such a good time you want to pay for a longer booking, we will be happy to see what we can do for you. Our job is one of client service, and we put that client service above all other goals and considerations. We are not happy unless you are happy, and our luscious Antalya escorts aren’t satisfied they are doing their jobs until they know that you are happy with the service you have received.

Q. Will anyone know I’ve used your service if I book an Antalya escort?

A. No one will know you have used the services of our agency unless you tell them, no. We understand that there are plenty of reasons you might not want anyone to know you booked an Antalya escort. Perhaps your family or friends would judge you, or you fear they might. Perhaps you want to keep your work relationships strictly professional and you don’t want your employer to know you hired an escort. There is nothing wrong with using our service, but unfortunately there is still some stigma associated with the industry, due in part to disreputable escort firms linked to unsavory practices. You will have none of those problems with us. We keep your private information private, and we understand your desire for confidentiality.

Our commitment to your privacy starts with your messages and contact with us. We will never share anything that you communicate with us. We will not discuss with any third party the fact that you used our services. Our young ladies will never reveal to anyone else that you went out with them. If someone were to ask your Antalya escort while she is out with you if she is a hired escort, she will deny it, or say nothing, depending on what is most discreet and appropriate. Our Antalya escorts seek always to please you, and that means helping you relax. You can’t relax if you are worried about your privacy. For that reason, our Antalya escorts are always working to ensure your confidentiality. They do not gossip among themselves about their clients, either, and we train them to adhere to the highest standards of privacy and discretion. This is the least we owe you. this is the respect we have for you, our clients.

Q. Can I visit your office and see the girls there?

A. No, it will not be possible for you to come visit us. We are an outcall agency only, meaning we do not have facilities you can visit or where you could interact with our Antalya escorts. This is done for your benefit, as most men are more comfortable in familiar settings. We want you to really be able to enjoy yourself, so your young lady will always meet you at your home, your hotel, or some third location to which you and she mutually agree. There are any number of options for where you might choose to meet your Antalya escort. If you are going out to dinner, you could meet at the restaurant. If you are going to see a show, you could meet at the theater. Or you could meet somewhere so that the two of you can arrive in style, and you can experience what it is like to have such a luscious babe on your arm when you walk into the door of any venue. The limits are only as constrained as your own imagination.

Q. Do I have to live in Antalya to use your service?

A. No, many of our clients are visiting from out of town, in Antalya or the greater area in Turkey for business or tourism. You could come visit with one of our girls as many times as you come to Antalya, or, if you live locally, you could become a regular client.