Incredible Hana is a very social girl who has tried her hand at acting. She loves to go out and have fun and has embraced the lifestyle of an Antalya escort.


Age 21
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Hana Hana
Hana Hana

“Being an escort can actually be very draining sometimes,” she admits. “Antalya is a fun city. Being an Antalya escort means that your job is to have fun. Every day is a little different, and you never really know what to expect. One night you might be going out for dinner. Another night you might be going out for dancing. Still another night you might have a client who wants you to put on your sexiest bathing suit and sit in a hot tub with him and just get to know him. I think of all the things I do with my clients, I cannot really pick a favorite. I like the quiet times sometimes because it lets me get to know the people I go out with. I enjoy doing that kind of thing, that experience where I get to know someone. And there are times when I like going out and having fun and really enjoying the nightlife of Antalya. And still other times it’s amazing to see the types of unique social situations that my clients want to book me for. It really is variety all the time. I need that variety. I need to know that different things await me every day.”

Hana goes on, “When I get to know a new client, there’s always an exploration that takes place. We get to know each other. We do this kind of mental and emotional dance as we go back and forth, telling stories, sharing jokes, and seeing where we feel each other out. There is always the chance of making a connection, which I enjoy a lot. Connections are great and getting to know someone is even better. I’m a very sensual person and I like to get deeply in touch with the people I interact with. I find that the most satisfying. And my clients love it too.”

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