Extremely attractive Bai has worked as a dancer before. She is a born performer who also enjoys night clubs. She believes that men deserve more respect than they are typically shown.


Age 23
Height 5’2″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Bai Bai
Bai Bai

“I think most men go through their lives always getting blamed for things. They are unfairly scapegoated. I say unfairly because the typical man doesn’t just have that to deal with. He usually gets treated poorly at work, too. He can’t switch jobs because the economy isn’t good, so he just stays where he is and absorbs abuse. Then he comes home to nobody, or to a wife or a girlfriend who criticizes him constantly and doesn’t really appreciate him. These are the types of relationships where the girl is constantly whining and complaining about things he needs to fix for her, or stuff he doesn’t do well enough, or ways he needs to change. So he just goes through life day in and day out, getting beaten on, and whenever he wants something for himself, his woman acts like he doesn’t deserve it. Maybe he just wants to take a nap or stay home this weekend after a long hard week. Maybe he just wants to go out and enjoy some time to himself. But she never does that for him. She never thinks of what he wants. His needs are never put first. No matter how much time and work he puts in, he’s greeted with abuse and unpleasantness. Men don’t get the respect they need. It isn’t fair to them.”

Bai goes on, “I think that is such a waste. If you’re nice to a man, there’s nothing he won’t do for you. If you’re a sexy girl and you treat your man like he’s a king, you’ll build his confidence and he’ll be so grateful for that, and so greedy for how you make him feel, that he’ll bend over backwards to please you. If you back off a bit and show him you’re not trying to control him, the reward to you will be something powerful and right away.”

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